Tunshang Miao Village in Taijiang County  

Tunshang is a small Miao village, located near Kaili, in Taijiang County in southwest Guizhou Province.  It is headquarters to the county's government offices and home to an annual mid-July (lunar calendar) festival which hosts 60 total villages for three days, with thousands of people attending.

 As a special feature for the twenty-third FAPA Directors Meeting, a special edition of the complete Miao festival was held.  Special features included: 

  • Dragon Lantern Dance - In this version of the traditional Dragon Dance, sparks and traditional bamboo fireworks are fired towards the dragon with the intent to set it on fire. The men carrying the dragon wear hard hats and protective clothing and try to defend the Dragon. Very crazy as are many fire throwers, and loads of spectators.  The local government building is the center of activity.  Once you've seen one performance, it is repeated, with more than a dozen dragon performances. The excitement lasted until midnight.
  • Bull Fights - no its not man fighting a bull, but a series of contests each with two water buffalo bulls fighting each other by ramming each other until one wins.  This is a really popular sport
  • Parade - All the Miao villages take part in a long parade, ending at the square outside the government offices, all in their native costumes, including musicians and dancers.  At the conclusion of the parade, various Miao village tribes then put on a show at the village square.
  • Miao Embroidery Museum - this is a permanent location of various Miao villages doing embroidery and needlepoint, for which the Miao are famous.
  • Dinner Performance - by Miao singers and dancers, attended on our last night of the Directors Meeting.

All in all, it was a great introduction to the Miao culture and its beautiful people.


Miao Grandmothers Talking, Taijiang County  Taking Me, Taking You, Young Miao Woman, Tunshang Village, Taijiang County   Miao Embroder, Tunshang Miao VillageTaking Me, Taking You, Young Miao Woman, Tunshang Village, Taijiang County 


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