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Sam's Exotic Photos of Tap Mun Chau Island, Hong Kong

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View from the Trail, Tap Mun Chau Island, Hong Kong  Harbour View, Tap Mun Chau Island, Hong Kong  Fishing Village, Tap Mun Chau Island, Hong Kong

Tap Mun Chau, also known as Grass Island, is located in the northeastern part of the territory, north of the Sai Kung peninsula. The island is home to a remote fishing community with a population of less than 100 divided into two groups. The Hakka and the Tanka boat people. It has one church, one school with a full time teacher and 3 pupils.

Tap Mun islanders are a very proud community and are especially proud of their Tin Hau temple. Every year the village holds celebrations to honor Tin Hau the Goddess of the sea and Queen of Heaven. Every 10 years large opera halls are constructed and relatives world wide visit this small island to take part in a week long celebration.

Tap Mun Chau is reached by ferry.  The half-hour ride over is scenic and relaxing.  First views of the island are of floating fish farms where fish are reared for Hong Kong's restaurants.

Hiking on the island is not strenuous.  The trail winds through the village which has dried fish, prawns, and squid on view for sale, this being a small but smelly cottage industry.  It then passes by the ornate Hin Hau Temple built in 1662; and continues around the island along coastal trails cut by a local herd of cows (watch your step to avoid their souvenirs) and an  interesting indigenous cemetery. It ends at Tap Mun New Fisherman's Village which was built for the Tanka boat people by a missionary in 1960. Fish and seaweed are laid out to dry on their large courtyard.

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