Sichuan Province
Huang Long
Juizhaigou Valley
FIAP 2006


Sam's Exotic Photos of Beautiful Sichuan Province, China

Sichuan Province, located in southwest China, is one of the largest and most inaccessible provinces of the PRC. This province covers an area of 485,000 kilometers (187,000 miles) and boasts the largest population in China, with 87 million people.  While it is remote, Sichuan Province includes some of the most beautiful scenery in all of China. 

Our tour, in late October, 2005 covered Jiuzhaigou and Huang Long Valleys in north Sichuan province, Chengdu in central Sichuan and Emeishan and Leshan, both located southwest of Chengdu.  I also revisted the province in 2006 with the FIAP Congress to add to the wonderful collection of photos from this wonderful region.

  Fall Colors at Panda Lake, Jiuzhaigou China  Jaijhaigou Valley's Long Lake - Sam's Exotic Travel Photo  5-colored pool and temple, Huang Long Valley, China - Sam's Exotic Travel Photo  China Map highlighting Sichuan Province  The Giant Buddha of Leshan China - One of Sam's Exotic Travel Photos  Worshippers on summit of Emeishan - One of Sam's Exotic Travel Photos    Piggy-bag ride - Sam's Exotic Travel Photo Chengdu China

I have included individual pages for each of the five places visited, which include travel information and links to my photo albums.  We were lucky to have clear and sunny weather at our two most beautiful locations: Juizhaigou Valley and Huang Long Valley.  Whether these destinations are new to you or if locations you have visited in the past - I hope you like my efforts.

Please click on the following for travel information and photo albums of the trip:

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