3 Dzongka Women in their native dress - who live near the border with Nepal

What a Smile! Picturesque Shigatse Woman

Monk at Tashihunpo Monastery

The Tashilunpo Monastery from the front gate. - the home of the Panchen Lamas - revered by the Tibetians only second to the Dali Lamas

Monk getting water - typical street scene inside the Tashihunpo walls

Kalsang Temple

The doorway

Roofline - inside the monastery

Windows and building detail

Monks and Ladder

Building details

Keisang Temple with courtyard - focus of festival and monastic activities

Monk Walking

Young Monk - Serious Expression

Old Monk With Cane

Going to Worship

Smiling Monk

Pouring Copper Plating

Waiting for a Bus? No buses here, so probably just a friend


Lone Monk Walking

Mother and Son

Tibetian street scene

I'm Two

The Welder

Mule and Cart

Shigatse Restaurant Owner