Namtso Lake and Prayer Flags from hill.

Dog and reflection. Pretty nice background.

Nomatic Tibetian horseman

Tent accomodations at Namtso Lake. Each tent has two rooms but no water, one electric bulb for two hours and no bathrooms. Ah, nature.

View of lake and stupa from hillside. Sure would have been nice to see a few sailboats on the water.

Climbing the hill. A slow climb, as there is not much air at 4,700 meters

On the hill. I decided to forego the second hill with the two small buildings in the distance.

View from the summit. The path up doesn't look too steep, but it was deceiving

Sheep grazing

Housing for workers near campsite

One of our hosts and cooks

Prayer Rocks at lakeside.

Serene Namtso Lake - late afternoon skies

The setting sun

Friendly dog, peaceful view

Playful dogs

The setting sun

Sunset. Not the greatest sunset, but the view is still impresssive

Sunrise at the lake

Nomadic life. These kids, which represent two neighboring families live in tents, their families travel the high plateaus in search of grazing lands during the year for their cattle or sheep

Nomadic mother, son and daughter


Inside the tent. Simple living

Life on the high plains. Tibetian nomad family

Tibetian horseman.