QingYang Gong Temple was a large, well-maintained Taoist Temple, as this view of its main building demonstrates

Tortoise and Tablet

Rubbing the Ram for good luck. The founder of Taoism and this temple was to arrived at this location on a Gray Ram, hence the nickname “Azure Ram Palace”

A wise Taoist Monk

Another photogenic opportunity.

Well manicured grounds. That's the tortoise and tablet in the background

A dragon

View of main building through flowerbed. I am sure the gardens are beautiful in the spring

View through doorway


Sweeping Up

The Temple through the manicured hedges

Reaching toward heaven

Woman praying

The Temple

Monastery beyond doorway

Worship Hall

Musician in doorway

Morning Exercise

Side courtyard is favorite place for morning exercise


Ah, the musician from the doorway

He looks like he enjoys the music

Too many strings for me

Posing - sorry about the lighting

Practicing outside the hall - much better lighting out here

One more view

The worshipper with incense