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Pu Jiang (or Pujiang) County, China – Chinese New Year Festivities – One of Sam’s Exotic Travels

I was but one of 1,300 photographers who descended on Pu Jiang County, located in the mountainous region of Zhejiang Province, to photograph the Chinese New Year festivities in villages and towns throughout the county.  The fact that I was the only Gweilo (literally “white devil” but most commonly translated as “white ghost”) and one of the few westerners that many of the people in the villages had ever seen, I was probably photographed more than any of the local people, was interviewed on TV and had my picture in the paper there.  Needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience.

 Chinese Peasant - Day 2-A – Village on a Mountain Side Pu Jiang County Chinese New Year Festivities China Day 2-B   Clothes on the Line - village houses reflected in water in the background- Pu Jiang County, Day 2-E – Village of Reflections  The Highest Angel - Festival of Kids on a Wire - Chinese New Year Festivities in Pu Jiang County, China Day 1-C

Pujiang is centrally located in Zhejiang Province.  It is located north of Jinhua City, southeast of Yiwu, northeast of Zhuji, southwest of Lanxi and northwest of Jiande and Tonlu – none of which are household names to foreigners but bustling Chinese cities nonetheless.  The county has a total population of 380,000 in its "nine towns" and seven smaller villages.   From my perspective there was only one "city" and 15 villages.

We stayed in Pujiang City, I have no idea what towns and villages we visited during our three days in the field witnessing the many festivities, as the program was in Chinese and I was never able to find anyone to translate the names to English – so I have labeled the different locales as by day, and within each day in the order we visited them – i.e., Day 1- B.  If anyone reading this can tell me where the pictures are from, I would greatly appreciate it and will gladly update my postings.

Pu Jiang festivals are festive affairs - and feature the varied forms of lantern-making that Pu Jiang is famous for. 

 Check out the following pages for more information and to view the photo albums of my trip:

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