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Sam's Exotic Photos of Hong Kong's Outlying Islands

 height=  View of Sea from Trail, Po Tai Island, Hong Kong  Fishing Boats at Sunset, Lamma Island - One of Hong Kong's Outlying Islands, Hong Kong SAR China

Beyond the city core and the suburbs, Hong Kong also exists of remote areas scattered over more than 230 islands. With only a handful linked by bridges and ferries to Hong Kong Island and/or Kowloon, the islands offer a very different view of Hong Kong life -- of tradition, serenity and roots. There are tiny fishing communities, ancient walled villages, traditional temples and beautiful natural areas.

Some of the islands are nothing more than rocky outcrops, but others are large and home to substantial populations. Cheung Chau, for instance, has 20,000 residents and Lantau, the largest of the islands, has 30,000 and the celebrated Po Lin Monastery.

Some Hong Kong urban workers have chosen long commutes as a reasonable trade for the relative calm of island life. The islands are also increasingly popular as getaways for city-dwellers, drawn to the beaches and the industry that has developed around them.

To date my island hopping include the following, all of which have ferry service:

Lighthouse, Southern Hong Kong Island  Late Afternoon, On the Boat, Hong Kong Waterways  Chinese Clipper, Hong Kong Waterways  Lone Boat, Late Afternoon, On the Boat, Hong Kong Waterways 

  •  HK Waterways are pictures taken on boats sailing to various islands and from Victoria Harbour shoreline.

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