Ninepin Island Group, Hong Kong - created by volcano 140 million years ago

The Ninepin Group is a group of 29 islands in the easternmost waters of Hong Kong. The Ninepin Group falls under the jurisdiction of Sai Kung District of Hong Kong.

The Ninepin Group features hexagonal vertical rhyolite columns, the volcanic rock resulting from a volcanic eruption near Sai Kung about 140 million years ago. Ninepin Group is extremely eroded due to the heavy tides that wash against the islands every day. It features several sea caves as a result of erosion. For a long time, the Ninepin Group was devoid of human presence. However, there is a temple dedicated to Tin Hau, located on South Ninepin Island for any fishermen who landed on the island.

Because no one lives on Ninepin Group, there is no public transportation to the islands. One must rent a boat in order to reach the Ninepin Group.

Boat, Beach and Sea Arch - Ninepin Island Group, Hong Kong  Tuffs and Waves - Ninepin Island Group, Hong Kong  Boat on Rough Seas - Ninepin Island Group, Hong Kong

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