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Sam's Exotic Travels: Hiking and Walking Trails of Hong Kong


 View from Plover Cover, New Territories, Hong KongPlover Cove County Park - Mountain, water, flower, tree -- the four elements of ideal Chinese landscape, are ll in Plover Cove.  The Park has an area of 4,594 hectares with three sides bordering on the sea.  The valleys and ranges lying across the far northeastern countryside were once the domains of Hakka villagers, who farmed in remote valleys and carved out terraces from the hillsides.  Hiking in Plover Cove today you can view  the abandoned or sparsely populated villages and cattle left behind and now wild.  The views along the trail and from Tiu Tang Lung Summit of the hills and ocean inlet beyond are breathtaking.

Schenxhen Economic Zone beyond Nam Chung Harbour, New Territories, Hong KongPlover Cove Extension (Nam Chung)  - Walking along the road past Plover Cove you come to Nam Chung and other small villages along the Bay separating Hong Kong from mainland China.  It is a favorite nesting places of egrets and a reminder of simpler times.


All trails lead up, Tai Po Kau, Tai Po, Hong KongTai Po Kau Nature Trail - The Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, according to “Go HK”, is the oldest nature reserve in Hong Kong. It lies between the University KCR station and Tai Po, covering an area of some 20 square kilometers. The trail runs along the west-side boundary of the woods leading to the southern hillsides.  There are four trails, I hiked the longest which is 10 km long. Just in case you would like to read about what I rediscovered during this hike, I have attached a description of my experience, which was an attempt at being humorous.  It really wasn't that bad -- or was it? 

Hiking down hill from Tai Po Kau Park, Tai Po, New TerritoriesTai Po Kau Park and Village - The park is on the east side of Tai Po Road opposite the nature trail on the west side.  It is a nice park and goes down the hill toward the harbor to Tai Po Village and the new developments.  It's a nice walking trail if you don't mind the hills.


On the Trail, Wilson Trail, Tai Po, New TerritoriesWilson Trail Cloudy Hill - Cloudy Hill is reached from Hong Lok Yuen by exiting from the top gate and climbing up the hill from there.  When you reach the trail you can continue left up to the first peak which is a nice but short trek, then continue to the second peak and then continue the trail down to Tai Po Industrial Park.  My pictures were taken from the first peak right down to the exit into Tai Wo.  It's a favorite trek of locals.  There's also a few pictures of Hong Lok Yuen, where I used to live.



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