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Manila - 2005 Impressions - One of Sam's Exotic Travels

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay on the largest and northernmost Philippine island, Luzon.  Manila, as a city of 10 million and rich in history, has its share of attractions and I took a few pictures, but what impressed most were its people, many poor but all proud, outgoing, friendly and very special. I hope my photos do them justice.

Morning Shave, Sam's Impressions of Manila, the Philippines  Potty Break - Sam's Impressions of Manila, the Philippines  Roots - Sam's Impressions of Manila, the Philippines  The Bath - Sam's Impressions of Manila, the Philippines

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  •  Manila and It's Wonderful People - 2005 - I had the opportunity to spend 5 days in Manila, and got early every morning to go out and take photos of the wonderful, warm but mostly poor people of Manila - along Manila Bay, of dock workers living near the port and of other people in and around the city.  Seeing them in depth, even the homeless who were sleeping on cardboard boxes, were friendly and had a smile on their faces.  There's a lot of pictures in this set, but that's only a fraction of what I took.  If you take the time to look at them all, I hope you share my feeling that while things are bad, (almost) everyone maintained a good attitude and were quick to smile.  I was truly touched.  I really think this set is one of my best of all times.

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Other Manila photo albums include:

  •  Manila - American Cemetery & Memorial - The largest cemetery in the Pacific of Americans killed during WWII is located in the Philippines, within the grounds of the former U.S. Army Fort William McKinley (now Fort Bonifacio), located about six miles SW of Manila. Its 152 acres contains 17,206 graves.  For me, it was a sobering experience - seeing the many American young men who lost their lives serving their country and the free world.  At least, they have a quiet and peaceful resting place -- so far from home and family.

  •  The Beautiful People of Manila - an expanded version of the video above.

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