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West Lake


Historic Lingyin Scenic Area, Hangzhou China

Lingyin, located in the northwest of the West Lake, is known as “Buddhist Kingdom in the Southeast” with pretty hills, clear springs and streams as well as beautiful green trees, many historic relics and caves. In this natural scenic area nestles the oldest temple in Hangzhou: Lingyin Temple, which is also called Yunlin Temples. It was first built in 326 AD by the Indian eminent monk Hui Li. With its imposing and magnificent architectural structures, the Temple has remained one of the ten largest Zen Buddhist temples in China. At the center of the hall, the statue of Sakyamumi, 24.8 meters in height, is the China’s largest sitting statute of Buddha at present.

Under the Eaves, Lingyin Buddhist Temple in Hangzhou China  Golden Buddha, Lingyin Buddhist Temple, Hangzhou China  Golden Buddha, Lingyin Buddhist Temple, Hangzhou China  Dragon Roof, Lingyin Buddhist Temple, Hangzhou China

Lingyin Scenic Area also contains the Peak Flying From Afar (Lingjiu Peak) is a 168 meter lime rock peak. The rock shelters on the peak are treasures of rock-cut art of the Yuan Dynasty. The shelters were built during the Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty, spreading on the rocks along the creek, in the Qinglin Cave, Yuru Cave, Longhong Cave and nearby the Huyuan Cave. There are 345 statues in total, in which the Three Saints of the West, cut in the first year of the Guangshun Reign, Later Zhou Dynasty (951).

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