Sam's Exotic Travels to Langde Shang Miao Village

Situated by the crystal Danjiang River and circled by green Leigong Mountains, Langde  (also referred to as Upper Langde Village) is most picturesque Miao village in Rongjiang County. It has also been desginated by the Chinese Government as  the "Chinese Folk Art Village" in 1997.  The village, containing the "Miao's Ethnic Village Museum" will present visitors an authentic experience of Miao. 

As you approach the village, you will be caught by the charming Wind and Rain Bridge stretching over the stream, the ancient mill wheels, and rows upon rows of stilted wooden houses (Diaojiao House in Chinese), the typical folk residence of Miao built on the stilts of different heights. 

Langde Shang villagers belong to the Long Skirt Miao as the women here are traditionally dressed in their long skirts.

Long Skirt Miao Performer, Langde Shang Miao Village  Stilted Wooden House in Chinese in Langde Shang Miao Village  Miao Grandfather with Pipe, Langde Shang Miao Village

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