Juizhaigou Valley
Huang Long
Juizhaigou Valley
FIAP 2006


Sam's Exotic Travel Photos of Juizhaigou Valley - China's Fairyland of Beauty

Juizhaigou Valley, a World's Heritage Site in northeast Sichuan Province, is a place of native beauty unique in all of China and in the world.  With over 100 lakes connected by streams and numerous waterfalls along 3 gulleys that form a Y within the protected park carved among its hills and mountains, it is not surprising that it is a protected site - but what is surprising that it wasn't discovered by outsiders until the 1970's and that it remains an obscure tour destination even today. 

Fall Colors at Panda Lake, Jiuzhaigou China  Waterfall in Jiuzhaigou Valley China - Sam's Exotic Travel Photo  Jaijhaigou Valley's Long Lake - Sam's Exotic Travel Photo

Jiuzhaigou's Multi-Colored Lake - Sam's Exotic Travel Photo  Crystal Clear Waters of Panda Lake - Jiuzhaigou  Golden Reflections in Jiuzhaigou's Dragons Lake 

Jiuzhaigou waters are crystal clear, but rich in calcium deposits which adds sparkle to the surface and protects fallen tree trunks beneath its surface.  This World Heritage site is closed to traffic, except for the electric-powered buses that run inside the park and hikers who must leave every night at closing time.

We spent one day inside the park during our tour and the day was shortened by over 2.5 hours we spent eating and shopping at the local Tibetan villages - but we lucky to have sunshine and good skies in the afternoon.  I hope you take the time to see the complete photo album - it is a special place and one well worth visiting.

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  •  Juizhaigou Valley - A Day in Paradise  (all the pictures are in the order they were taken)

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