Sam's Exotic Travels to Datang Miao Village

You will be greeted by its friendly villagers and drink the block way wines before entering the village. The silver ornaments that cover the village will take your breath away. 

Dances are held in the village square. A huge gong is tied to a wooden post in the middle of the square. An all-male band of Lusheng players, with the bandleader also in charge of striking the gong, plays for an all-female group of dancers. 

The lushly dressed female dancers, whose total number can reach 100, move in lines and circles, forming different patterns. Their bodies, adorned with silver headwear, necklaces, bangles, and anklets become musical instruments as well, emitting a metallic melody in sync with the rhythm of their footsteps.The most popular dances include "The Pheasant Dance", "The Wooden Stool Dance", and "The Joyful Children Dance." Guests can participate in the dances. 

Besides dancing, the Miao women of Datang Miao Village, also known as Xin Qiao, are also known for their tradition of wearing miniskirts. The Miao miniskirt, measures 16 centimeters in length, but is made from 7 meters of local cloth.

Miao Grandfather, Datang Miao Village, Guizhou Province, China  Roofs of Houses, Datang Miao Village, Guizhou Province, China  Village Children, Datang Miao Village, Guizhou Province, China 

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