People of Chang’an - Guangzhou Province, China

Chang’an is the communication hub connecting Guangzhou.Hong Kong.Shenzhen and many other cities in the delta of Pearl River. Taking the advantage of its location. it's become the important transportation center in South China.

The town of Chang'an is located in the Pearl River Estuary in the southern extreme of Dongguan City. It borders on the Songgang Town of Bao'an District of Shenzhen City at Fenglundi to the east; the town of Humen at Daningcong of Shangjiao to the west; Dongbao River near the sea of Lingdingyang at the Pearl River Estuary to the south and the town of Dalingshan at Lianhuashan Mountain to the north. Thus the town of Chang' a saying goes sits on the lotus throne with a dragon and a tiger on both sides situated in a plain near the mountain and by the river. The town is 15 kilometers across from east to west and seven kilometers from the north to south with an area of 83 square kilometers.

I am currently working for a client there - and shot a few pics of interesting people I saw on the street the last time I was there. My co-worker and interpreter asked me why I always took pictures of peasants - I told her I found them more interesting subjects and a reminder that China is rapidly changing.

Tires - Chang'an, Guangzhou Province, China.  Bicycles are used to carry all manner of things in China, such as this load of tires.  Waiting in a Squatting Position - Chang'an, Guangzhou Province, China.  This young man was waiting on the delivery truck while his fellow worker was making a delivery.  Who needs chairs in China, many sit and squat as he is doing.  Back-breaking load - Chang'an, Guangzhou Province, China.  Delivery man carries the load on his back,  You would think it would be difficult to sit down.

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