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It's been said you haven't really seen Nepal until you've spent time on the Anapurna trails and I agree!!  Away from all the smog, noise and congestion of Kathmandu; away from of Nepal's horrible roads, unbelievable traffic and dust; and away from the many hawkers you find in all the cities -- Anapurna is another world.  I am not sure if I enjoyed the serenity and beauty or a chance to meet and see its kind, hardworking people more.  Anapurna was the highlight of the trip for me.

Climbing the Steps Home - Anapurna, Nepal  Rooftoops from an Anapurna Village, Nepal  Anapurna Lodge - Pothana - Anapuraa, Nepal
Anapurna Range at Sunset, Nepal Anapurna Range at Sunset 2, Nepal  Anapurna Range at Sunset 3, Nepal
Anapurna Range at Sunrise, Australian Base Camp, Nepal  Anapurna Range at Sunrise, Nepal  Terrace Gardens in the Anapurnas, Nepal

Unfortunately we only did a day and a half trip, due to time constraints and we went at the wrong time as the views were overcast most of the day.  Yet, this only made the sunrise and sunset more spectacular when the mountains magically appeared in all their splendor. Climbing, as I had expected, was difficult.  It is something about less oxygen getting to the brain and paths leading upward and still upward.  But then again, I'm not as young as I used to be.

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If you are fortunate enough to travel to Nepal for a month or more - spend as much as possible here.  A 10 day trek will take you to the Anapurna Base Camp; a 30 day trek totally around the entire Anapurna Circuit.  If you choose to come on your own, I would strongly recommend getting a guide, and would strongly recommend our guide for Anapurna: Bhakti Devkota.  He knows these mountains like the back of his hand as he still lives there today with his wife and young son, his English is excellent and he is reasonable.  If you are interested, you can reach him by phone at  If you are interested, you can reach him by phone at 009779846139572 or email him at bhakti8848@gmail .com.  Tell him Sam said Namaste (Napalese for hello)

You can also check out his suggested 24-day Anapurna Circuit Trek:

You can also email with with the time you have to spend - and let him recommend one to fit your schedule.

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